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Justice for Prosperity investigates, exposes, and predicts targeted undermining of our democracies by the extreme-right & left, ultra-conservative, and populist parties undermining our open societies and democracies

Applying decades of experience in international intelligence, security, and diplomacy, we put our ethics over profit to defend ordinary citizens

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Justice for Prosperity and New York Times on Konstantin Malofeyev’s foundation funds deportation of children from Ukraine

Read about the Justice for Prosperity and New York Times’ investigation into Konstantin Malofeyev’s foundation St Basil the Great and how international funds were raised to finance the deportation of children from Ukraine

Are you an LGBTI+ refugee from the Ukraine in need of help? Our Rainbow-WhoDis initiative helps you find safe shelter across Europe.

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We use our experience in intelligence field operations,  the legal nitty-gritty, and international diplomacy. Catalyzing the potential of civil society to drive positive change.

Justice for Prosperity is a non-profit and non-governmental organization.



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Over 158 countries recorded pandemic-related violence between January 2020 and April 2021.

The Free Flow of Information deteriorated by almost 29% over the past decade in the United States.

Over the last five years, Amnesty reported torture in 3/4 of the world – 141 countries.

The global economic impact of violence in 2020: $14.96 trillion = 11.6% of global GDP.

There has been a 250% increase in far-right terrorist attacks since 2014.

Syria, South Sudan, and Afghanistan face highest  cost of violence in 2020: resp. 81.7, 42.1, and 40.3 % of GDP.