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What we do

Our latest research on modi operandi used to undermine our democracy

as presented at the European Parliament

JfP takes on innovative projects, working with a vast network of field experts, donors, and partner organizations.

Together with our partners, we repurpose innovations in the Peace and Justice domain: technology protecting democracy.

Our democracies are under pressure from subversive forces, which are often undetectable to the public due to their multifaceted and invisible nature.

JfP aims to identify and unveil how the structures of subversion work, how they remain undetected and how they harm and endanger vulnerable communities. We do this by using innovative information technologies to conduct extensive multi-source research as the basis of evidence-based publications. The goal of these activities is to turn the findings into easily accessible information and encourage public debate at a general society level to ultimately raise awareness of the subversive activities that threaten our democracies.

Only if we fully understand the complex tactics used to undermine our human and democratic rights, can we turn our knowledge into tools to effectively protect our democracies from subversion.

Our newest partnership…
JfP is proud to have been welcomed as new partner to EDMO. The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) brings together fact-checkers, media literacy experts, and academic researchers to understand and analyse disinformation, in collaboration with media organisations, online platforms and media literacy practitioners.









Justice for Prosperity and partners deliver concrete results by

Giving voice to victims

We help seek reparation of damages from those responsible

Tech for good

We scrape over 40 social media platforms, we use tech to detect

Building resilience

We provide security training and education to those under siege


We help businesses take responsibility for a stronger and sustainable democracy

Public private cooperation

We support govt, banks, and big-tech by harmonizing info exchange

Building new tools

We provide new tools for the resilience of journalists, minorities, etc

Highlighted Projects

WhoDis, the informal shorthand for “Who is this?” is our tech-enabled investigation into subversion: the targeted undermining of our open societies and democracies by extreme-right, ultra-conservative, and populist parties.

To stand up against and call out this implicit aggression, we must match the singular dedication these actors have to their cause. JfP does exactly that: we investigate and expose actors, their tactics, and connections. 

Whodis is a project by the Justice for Prosperity Foundation. In light of the war in Ukraine, Forbidden Colours and Justice for Prosperity launched rainbow.whodis.org as a resource to LGBTIQ+ people who need to protect themselves or find shelter to stay safe.

The resources for LGBTIQ+ people are being provided by dedicated support groups coordinated by Forbidden Colours and their vast network of activists, such as Lambda Warszawa, Budapest Pride en ACCEPT Romania. Go to rainbow.whodis.org to find a safe place to stay.

Justice for Prosperity Foundation supports the interests of victims of terrorism helping to receive reparations. This is done through administrative processes.

Through the foundation, states and private entities provide solutions for victims of conflict. However small at start, it is creating a paradigm shift in managing conflicts and its consequences.

Currently, we are evaluating the cases of twenty victims of the Al Nusra Front (an Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria), whom suffered physical, psychological and financial losses.

The Justice for Prosperity Foundation provides a unique opportunity for victims of terrorism to be supported without incurring inhibiting legal costs through Third-Party Litigation Funding (TPLF).

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Tech industry cooperation with justice

Top priority for any business is running their core business. And just like anyone else, they also have an interest in terrorists and serious criminals being stopped. Or prevent sanctions evasion by Russian Oligarchs. The data processed by banks or big-tech for business purposes can be essential in combating terrorism and serious crime.


Sanctimoniously, the private sector needs to protect the sometimes sensitive personal data from their clients. The private sector is ‘bothered’ with resource intensive requests by law enforcement and intelligence that distract from their core business.


Most frequently businesses want to take responsibility for a stronger democracy but struggle with the ‘how’. Time to talk.

Justice for Prosperity helps both public and private parties enhancing international cooperation.