We aim to be as transparent as possible and disclose all relevant information to the public on our policies, income, expenditure including remuneration of board members and staff, processing of personal data, and current activities. The  Strategy and Policy Paper (download as PDF) explains most of these elements.

Justice for Prosperity has formally been granted the status of Public Benefit Organization making donations over €60,- tax deductible as concluded in this order from the Dutch Tax Authority. The Finances – ANBI form is used to report on all budgetary details within 5 months after each calendar year.

If you have suggestions for us on how further improve our transparency, please let us know via the contact form.

Every donation is vital for our support to those most vulnerable! You can make a direct donation to IBAN: NL03BUNQ2059655137 (for international transfers SWIFT/BIC: BUNQNL2AXXX) or use a trusted platform using the QR code or button above.


Because we are a nonprofit and fully transparent, tax authorities have recognized us with the status of Public Benefit Organization (PBO) making donations over €60,- tax deductible in most jurisdictions across the world, including in the US as we work with 501(c)3 status foundations. Depending on country and income, this could add up to the tax authority contributing 43% of your donation.

A well-planned legacy gift can provide tax benefits, financial security and a larger donation to Justice for Prosperity. Leaving a lasting footprint for sustainable prosperity for all is why we do what we do. You can make a lasting contribution to this goal through the foundation, and we would love to explore how we could do this together. For assistance in planning your gift, please contact Mr Postma +31 6 33 20 37 61 directly or send him a message at

If you are inspired and would like to support our projects by contributing your skills, time, or network, we would love to meet you and discuss the options. Get in touch through the contact form!