Jelle Postma hosting session on Counter Terrorism
Justice for Prosperity generates dignity, opportunity, and freedom for all by catalyzing public-private investments in peace and security that provide a pathway for inclusive growth

Justice for Prosperity

Who we are

With experience in field operations all the way to the highest strategic political level, we work hard to make a real difference in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and subversive powers, protecting those under siege.

Jelle Postma working in Iraq with the SRSG Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert
In commemoration of those fallen while working for world peace

Justice for Prosperity is proud to have an equal gender balance and international leadership

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board guides our strategy, budget and risk profile and oversees the Board of Directors

Mr Kevin McAleenan

Chair to the Supervisory Board is Mr McAleenan. He gained experience managing multi‐thousand, cross-functional teams for U.S national security agencies around the world.

Most recently he served as Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Here he managed over 240,000 employees and components of multiple security agencies including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Coast Guard, and more.

Kevin currently holds the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pangiam.

Ms Alison Milburn

Ms Milburn has dedicated her career bringing international partners together in the Peace and Justice domain.

As a former Border Force director in UK Home Office she has held varied operational roles such as Head of International, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Head of National Operations. She knows first-hand how to manage large operations with direct impact on the ground. With that she brings her innovative, no-nonsense, and creativity to Justice for Prosperity.

Alison currently holds the position of Head of Central Operations for Customer Services at the UK Home Office.

Mr Wil van Gemert

Mr van Gemert is fmr Deputy Executive Director and Head of the Operations Directorate at Europol.

Before his position at Europol, Mr van Gemert was Director of Cyber Security and responsible for the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC
2012-2014) at the National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism and Security (NCTV) with the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Prior to the NCTV, he was appointed Director of National Security at the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD 2004-2012). Wil began his career at the Dutch National Police.

Board of Directors

Jelle Postma working as sr UN representative

Jelle Postma - Founder and CEO

Jelle leads Justice for Prosperity with a long track record in field operations, policy development, innovation, and international diplomacy in the peace & justice domain. He is a former senior representative of the United Nations and as Chief responsible for the design, fundraising, and execution of several global initiatives, such as the UN Countering Terrorist Travel Programme and Aviation Security of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT). Jelle and his team supported many countries with new tech and legislative frameworks to enhance international cooperation and information exchange. He built innovative technologies to process large volumes of data to detect and stop terrorists and organized crime whilst strongly protecting human rights.

Before joining the UN, Jelle directed multiple large programs with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security at the office of the Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism (NCTV). He provided executive leadership implementing international strategies, operations, and projects. With great support from parliament and political leadership, he was able to bring innovation to counter terrorists and serious criminals working closely together with the Anti-ISIS coalition and the Global Counter Terrorism Forum. His amazing team created the national targeting center and constructed the central detection system, the Travel Information Portal. This cutting-edge technology was shared with several allied countries before being donated to the United Nations during the UN General Assembly in 2018.

Before the Ministry of Justice, he served at the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service for ten years as an intelligence officer on some of the most prominent dossiers involving domestic and international threats. Jelle also has a private sector background as organizational consultant at Deloitte and Touche. He is an architectural engineer.

Francis Olara

Florence Olara - Vice Chair

Florence is a lawyer by education and has over a decade of experience in international public relations, media and outreach. As former Public Information Officer of the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, she has extensive experience with the complexities of narratives and reporting on human rights violations and the protection of international justice mechanisms. With her own history as a refugee from Uganda to the United Kingdom, she has dedicated herself to building new partnerships to strengthen human rights. And protecting those in need.

In her work, Florence has activated partnerships cross-discipline, where diplomats meet victims and creative industry inspire youth to choose a pathway of prosperity rather than destruction. With her creative and warm attention establishing new networks, she builds unique partnerships with those directly shaping international peace, justice, and security.

She is also the Co-Chair of The Hague Justice Portal since 2015. This noble initiative promotes, and provides greater access to high quality background materials for courts and others working in the field of peace and justice. The Portal was officially launched by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands in The Hague on 6 April 2006.

Florence holds a Master degree in International Relations with Distinction from Staffordshire University and a Bachelor of Laws degree with Honors from the University of Westminster.

Lou (Lobke) Errens

Ms. Lou Errens LLM

Lou is an experienced senior advisor and project lead with over 15 years in implementing strategies and measures to enhance intergovernmental cooperation on sensitive political matters.

As a senior legal specialist and strategic advisor for the United Nations Organization for Migration, the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe, and European Commission funded projects, she is an internationally recognized expert in the processing of personal data and use of technology in the area of counterterrorism and law enforcement.

Before, for the Government of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, she negotiated and implemented various complex international dossiers such as the EU PNR Directive, equal treatment and fundamental rights, and the intricate play between security and privacy. She was the project lead for a global technology project co-funded by the European Commission and with over 14 countries as partners, that successfully built a new network for hashed data exchange. As a global ambassador for positive effect of technology and innovation in security, she executed and coordinated international cross-agency missions to bring together executive bodies and enhance their cooperation. Her work in this area got her a position in the United States Department of State International Visitor Leadership programme.

New to the JfP-team

New JfP stars
Melike Hallaç from Turkey with a background in Policital Science
Hugo Bohan from France with a background in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics
Sz-Rung (Amber) Huang from Taiwan with a background in Social Policy and Public Health
Irene Iglesias Aragón from Spain with a background in Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ecem Yildiz from Turkey with a background in Migration and Public Policy incl from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
“Over the many years of working together, I have seen this team put things in motion where others couldn’t. And always for the greater good. With their track record, passion, and innovative approach they make an actual change in the peace and justice domain. It’s exciting to see their impact continues to grow.”
Wil van Gemert
Wil van Gemert
Deputy Director of Europol (retired)

Our people have a successful track record in dealing with the silos that often manifest when private and public partners are involved. They bring strong combined expertise in international diplomacy and cooperation, data processing, information exchange, and innovation for the people on the ground in operation.

Our staff drafted and negotiated legislation, initiated and executed international technical capacity building programs. To raise awareness in complex environments, they designed, built, and hosted multiple multi-lateral serious games for policymakers, law enforcement professionals, and public. They’ve also created and provided multiple workshops and trainings for intelligence and law enforcement agencies on cross-government cooperation. In our capacity-building efforts, we designed, built, and implemented software for advanced data matching-, analysis, and exchange plus set up fusion and targeting centers. To achieve lasting results and public support, they conducted awareness campaigns and developed policies for international security issues and their multi-year implementation.