Gaming to counter extremism

Super-fast internet connects players from all corners of the world with one click, making gaming an important social activity. It is no surprise then that more than half of all European 15-24 year olds regularly play online games. On this platform we see that young people also come into contact with distorted information from extremists who are out to radicalize them. They do this not only through gaming platforms but also through gaming references in language and memes. In extreme cases, just think of the attack in Christchurch in 2019, gamification can also be used in the modus operandi of terrorist attacks. 

On 20 May 2022, we joined international experts to discuss threats and opportunities. With the study day “Gamification, hate speech and radicalization” Textgain, LIVC Carma and the Wij-Zij Network joined forces to raise awareness and inspire.

Justice for Prosperity joined Tech Against Terrorism, DGP Media Belgium, Textgain and many more discussed risks and opportunities of gaming in the context of radicalization and extremism. 

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