The rise of the far-right

Interested in the rise of the extreme-right and the growing polarisation in our democracies? JfP’s latest research is currently being finalised by this amazing team and will be published in three weeks. One of the most influential ideologies is the Great Replacement uniting far-right groups across borders, including in The Netherlands. We should all be … Read more

Work with the Council of Europe

JfP project on counter-narratives with the Council of the European Union. Great opportunity for civil society organisations based in the EU working on hate speech and extremism. On behalf of the Council of the European Union, Justice for Prosperity kindly invites you to apply to the call for proposals on Counter Narratives (deadline 7 January). … Read more

Training to SRHR staff

Last month, Justice for Prosperity trained and supported SRHR professionals from Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Yemen. Many healthcare workers face fierce opposition and threats while working on strengthening women’s, reproductive rights, and LGBTQI+ democratic rights. Share-Net International kindly invited us to deep-dive into anti-democratic subversive aggression and to train their staff on how to … Read more

Gaming to counter extremism

Super-fast internet connects players from all corners of the world with one click, making gaming an important social activity. It is no surprise then that more than half of all European 15-24 year olds regularly play online games. On this platform we see that young people also come into contact with distorted information from extremists … Read more

Support to LGBTQI+ refugees from Ukraine

Need to protect yourself and find shelter to stay safe? In light of the war in Ukraine conflict this is now available as a resource to LGBTI+ people. A project by the Justice for Prosperity Foundation and Forbidden Colours. The resources for LGBTI+ people are being provided by dedicated support groups. Forbidden Colours coordinates … Read more