2 marathons in 10 days?

It is time to hit the road! #GivingTuesday on 30 November ahead of us, Justice for Prosperity will be fundraising for their newest project by running both the Amsterdam and New York City marathon in 10 days. Please support and let’s hit the road to unleashing generosity together!

As an avid runner, our founder and CEO Jelle Postma will be running to raise money for the newest project of Justice for Prosperity and for Team for Kids. You can spread the generosity by sponsoring our runner!

At Justice for Prosperity, we build tools that protect those most vulnerable, from victims of terrorism to activists in the LGBT+ community, to youth.

Your support will unlock the newest project in which we will make autocratic soft powers and disinformation visible that quietly influence all of us. Sounds crazy?

We will demonstrate it’s not that crazy by exposing tools used by autocratic and undermining actors, to target vulnerable groups and our democracies. Groups constantly under attack are the LGBT+ community, journalists and human rights activists. And with that all of us. Justice for Prosperity – together with experts from the rainbow community and journalists, will work to expose these forces and the disinformation they spread. You can help us and kick start our project by sponsoring Jelle in the TCS Amsterdam Marathon! 

At Justice for Prosperity, we believe people can find peace in rootedness and acceptance. It is achieved when people are being respected and information is available without manipulation. We help these groups with tools that help protect them. We counter disinformation that spread lies about them and their work. Help improve their resilience, and find justice and their path to peace. Security enables people to feel safe, it helps them to be the best of who they are or can be. Well-being is key for groups who have experienced violent conflict or see their equal rights threatened daily. On and off the road!

Jelle will also run the TCS New York City Marathon with Team for Kids who build resilience through sports. At Rising New York Road Runners, they believe in the power of activity to keep children physically and mentally strong. They get kids moving to help them develop lifelong physical, and social-emotional skills, which are key elements of lifelong well-being. Resilience in young people has long been recognized as an enabler of sustainable development, in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in the United Nations Security Council resolution 2419 (2018) on Youth, Peace and Security.

Jelle will be finishing both marathons. This might be a massive challenge, but he is strongly motivated knowing that this will benefit such worthy causes. As a non-profit NGO, your contribution will go directly to the work for these causes. Together we make sure your donation is tax deductible and you will receive an email letter of acknowledgment for your tax records. 

Please join Justice for Prosperity in supporting these two causes, to get everyone running towards inclusion, opportunity, and a brighter, healthier future!

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